Smart Contract Address

You must be whitelisted to receive VSN tokens, otherwise your transaction will be refused by the smart contract!

Presale Terms

VSN tokens are sold to accelerate the Open Source University platform's development. The presale goal is to sell 2,000,000 VSN tokens for funding the platform's Alpha release. Presale starts 10 february 2018.

The first 2,000,000 tokens sell at a price of:
VSN Symbol 1000 VSN per ETH Symbol 1 ETH

The Alpha release, the main tokensale and VSN token exchange listing should take place in first half of 2018

Transaction Details

Your VSN Tokens will be send to the ERC20 wallet address (from where you have sent ETH) automatically and immediately.

  • Minimum per transaction is 0.5ETH
  • Recommended Gas Limit is 200,000
  • Recommended Gwei is 10
  • DO NOT send Ether from exchange wallets

By making a transaction you confirm that you have read and agree with the following documents:

Payment Methods

The smart contract accepts only ETH.

If you don't have ETH, the best way to participate in the presale is to create an ERC20 wallet and buy some ETH from an exchange.

If the process is too difficult – contact our friendly customer support.

For the presale stage, we accept bankwire and other cryptocurrencies as a custom inquiry. The minimum contribution amount through custom inquiry is €5,000 and VSN tokens are sent only after payment confirmation.